Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall in Alaska .......beautiful!

We are having a beautiful Fall season! I feel bad for the folks who are getting all that snow, but our time will arrive sooner then we want.
My husband and I took a little hike to collect his tree stand.
Are you coming?
Just a little puddle.....
Can't go over it, can't go around it....
Guess we'll go under it!
Lots of interesting things to see....
And there 's the tree stand!
Now for the tricky part...
This made me a little nervous to watch
Dropped something small... In the leaves and sticks...  And it's black!
Found it! ( amazing)
Walking back out, I kept taking pictures and falling behind. He stopped every so often
Moose tracks?

Moose nuggets!

I'm wearing my trusty Bogs!

I LOVE Fall colors and Halloween is on it's way!

This pretty guy was in the walmart parking lot and here's a shot of the termination dust working it's way down the mountain.

This post has nothing to do with teaching! I just wanted to share my little hike. Have a great week,