Friday, March 21, 2014

Five for Friday...March 21, 2014...Linking party

It is time to link up with Doodle bugs  for the week!


It is officially Spring! The roads are clear of ice and snow (there is still plenty in the shady spots), the "ice heaves" are back, the sun is shining, the temps are up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It's springtime in Alaska.



The last quarter of the school year has begun! This time of year I look at how much progress has been made and kick it into high gear. I work with a small reading group who have really taken off (thank you Zoo Phonics), I am so proud of them. They know their sounds, they are beginning to blend them into words, they are ready to read! This week I restructured the time we spend together, we have 45 minutes daily. 
 The kindergarten high frequency words went up on the word wall. We started reading them every day as a group along with the word families that are in our phonics reader. Now the tricky part....keeping them busy while I read with each one individually. 

The mini drawers are very helpful for individualizing and organizing my small number of students. They are keeping their journals, readers and Zoo Phonics stick puppets in them. They also provide quick access to unfinished work . The students like having their own space. I am also thinking about partner activities they can do on their own. This week was mainly to learn what to do and how to do it while I was listening to a reader.
Anyway, I am much happier with the space now, it is less cluttered and feels more functional.

The deadline for ESY paperwork is due at the end of next week, I half heartedly prepared it, now I need to figure out when to meet with the team to complete it all. ugh, yuck...I HATE paperwork.


Started exercising this week! We have a gazelle glider that has been folded up on the back porch for a while, my husband got it out and dusted it off. He sets it up in the living room for me every night (isn't he a sweetie) and I stumble around in the morning, get on it and go! So at least I'm doing SOMETHING.


I am running out of juice, so I will finish with a picture of a pair of cute kitties, who happen to live with me!

Mother and daughter

I have a technology delay, so I have no idea why this picture would not allow me to crop it. It's still cute! You know...if you like cats....

Until next time,