Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 Camping Classroom...Stations

Our summer school theme is Camping! First, we are camping with dinosaurs. Kids love dinosaurs! I am linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching:

The students have a variety of objectives to work on so we are splitting into small groups and calling it the "Station Rotation". Note: This is my morning session, a MUCH smaller group compared to the afternoon session.

The chart helps the students be more independent, I ring the bell when it is time to switch. Initially I was going to use pictures to represent all the stations, but realized this would be much simpler! 

This chart is my guide, so I don't have to think so hard!

The stations are marked with matching construction paper.

Here are  the stations:

motor and sensory skills

The rug is from a thrift store and the pins are made from water bottles with gravel to weight them slightly.
I really really want a ball pit ! I think the kids would get a lot of good from it.

Red (the picnic table)
math skills and games

Green (the tree)
reading and writing skills

free choice reading

There are still some bugs to work out of the system, but the first week went pretty well.