Sunday, February 15, 2015

Five for Friday...Happy Valentines Day 2015

This has been an eventful week, lots to talk about! Today I'm going to give the short version, but I want to share more in depth later.

Check out the Linky Party at Doodle Bugs Teaching, it is a great teacher resource.

First of all, I went to the Alaska Special Ed. Conference!!! It was so, so, so.....awesome! (sorry I cannot come up with the right words) There was so much information that MEANT something to me (and many others I'm sure) that I am still sorting it all out. I plan on sharing more later, but there is sorting to do, I took lots of notes!

This is the cloth bag they gave us so we could keep the wonderful stuff together!

We stayed at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in Anchorage....

We were walking distance to all kinds of interesting places in Anchorage.

This place was almost hidden, just a little place, and very good!

The snow is almost gone, so sad. I am sorry for all of you on the east coast who are getting hit so hard and also...a little jealous!

We returned to our classrooms just in time for....Valentine's Day. One of my student's has this wonderful Aunt, she brought these houses for the kids to decorate. We were going to make gingerbread houses before Christmas, but that didn't happen, instead the kids decorated Valentine houses. Ha! I couldn't find any candy hearts in a store between my house and our school, that is why you won't actually see any hearts on our Valentine Houses. The funny thing is...not one kid asked about that!

The behind the scenes crew! We had lots of adults come and help us...the occupational therapist, teacher assistants or paraprofessionals as they are now titled.
The houses were ordered from The Candy Cottage.
I'm pretty sure she purchased us the party pack which I noticed is out of stock at the moment.
Our plan: Next week we are taking pictures of each student with their house and have them begin to work on a story about it. I'm reading them some books that center around houses:

Valentine's Day.

my husband is awesome!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!