Saturday, August 22, 2015

Five for Friday....the first week of school

We have the first week of school out of the way! It went very well and the kids seemed happy to be there, and that's always encouraging!
I wandered up and down aisles of various stores looking for anything in my new theme colors:
teal and purple!
I grabbed up some items...
Colorful little balls of chocolate!
The poster is an oldie but goodie.
Fabric background for the bulletin board...
The file folders are for individual student objectives
It is near the door so it can be handy for the teacher assistants who work with our students.

A couple of new posters.....the feeling blue one is my fave.
Interesting weather this week......thunder, lightning, rain and hail!

My grandchildren have a birthday coming up, so a little shopping was in order....
My sweet sister bought this bulletin board set for me 22 years ago and with the exception of one year it has gone up every August!
Next week brings more new experiences!
Kinders are coming!
Have a great week,