Saturday, August 9, 2014

Five for Friday....preparing for!....August 8, 2014


Whew! what a week,we began to set up my classroom and then took it apart again! 
I was not surprised that I was moving, but nothing had been said so I thought it was safe...the day afterwards it was MOVING DAY! There was lots of help though, I work with the best people ever!

I am determined to focus on the positives, we are now...
1. Closer to the Nurse's office.
2. Closer to the gym and the bathrooms.
3. I'm back where I started when I first arrived at this school, I feel at home in this hallway!
(this is my 6th move- however, there are others who have moved more times)

Of course, the real work now begins! This room is considerably smaller then my previous domain. It requires careful arrangement and some serious purging of materials. Naturally I checked on Pinterest and found some good ideas! I found a new blog to follow .... The Dynamic Duo
Next week, I'll have some "after" pictures that will wow you! ha!

Had a really good training today from the Flippin group. Inspirational! It's not that we don't know this stuff, it's that we need reminding that we know it!


It has been nearly 7 weeks since we made the offer on our house...we are told the closing date will be set any day now!
waiting some more.......

Got some new shoes, I think they will be awesome!

It only took 23 tries to find the right ones!


Have a great week!