Sunday, March 15, 2015

Linking with ELA .Everyday......Spring Break is already OVER??!!!!!

I cannot believe that Spring Break is coming to an end......I need another's snowing today for crying out loud! DO OVER....DO OVER!

One of our fellow bloggers has a great idea...let's have a linky party and review our Spring Breaks....I didn't do anything too exciting but I don't mind sharing my boring and relaxing week.

Join us and link with Sandy at   ELA Everyday here.

We moved into our house in September and never put up any curtains, we are off the beaten path so there's no one to LOOK in the windows so who cares....however curtains add something so I hung up some up! I just have a picture of the bathroom window......
( it had a towel tacked over it before)
I spent more time with my daughters and grand kids! We had a sleep over! Our 4 year old grandchildren are truly modern day kids.....they read, play games and watch youtube on their tablets before going to sleep.
I wanted to establish some I took a walk and practiced my guitar each day. I still don't have a good plan for when I go back to school!
I got a Fitbit this week and  set it up to motivate me to eat right and be more active.
Next week is going to be crazy busy, I'll probably work late every day. I decided to have our family St. Pat Dinner early, not everyone could come but it was fun and delicious.

Made an Irish recipe from
and served up some of our family favorites and called them Irish!
My husband and I spent the first few days binge watching The Walking Dead! Of course we haven't watched the current we decided to wait until it is finished and then Netflix it!
and here we are ....the Sunday before the RETURN to school....sigh...someone else had a picture of her "to do" list, mine is not near as neat so I'll spare you a picture of it! The last thing on it.....
Not done yet.....I'm doing this instead!
But...I must get to it
I will be
Freaking out tonight when I'm trying to go to sleep....
My geranium plant has a bloom!
I actually thought it was dead, then little green leaves started popping out,
 It is snowing right now.....but I'm sure that it will stop soon, melt and freeze, melt and freeze....until May!