Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Currently with Farley

I am linking with Farley at  OH BOY 4th GRADE! I haven't joined her currently for awhile and forgot how fun it is!
There isn't much to watch we are rerunning it! it's entertaining at the very least.
We bought a house this summer/fall, our first after years of renting. I walked into it today, the sun was streaming in through the windows, there was a faint smell of wood smoke and I thought...
I love my house!

We are having a Dr. Seuss Door Contest this week and I haven't given it much thought, but I want to participate. It needs to be something that is created by the kids as much as possible.
to get everything finished and not worry about it during Spring Break! I have ESY paperwork, Annual IEPs to prepare for, assess and input Progress Reports, and..
oh yeah, teach kids by next Friday. We do have a WORK DAY on Friday, but most
of this stuff needs to be done before Friday.
to stay positive and I need a super duper
energy pill!
Spring Break Plans
I have a list of fun and just stuff I want to accomplish! But here is the question...if I plan each day, won't it be too much like work?
and that's my next couple of weeks!
What's yours?