Saturday, March 26, 2016

Five for!

Doodle Bugs is a wonderful blog that shares many great ideas for teachers, each week we are given the opportunity to link up with her and share our week. It doesn't have to be just about teaching, it can be anything that is going on that you would like to share. I enjoy visiting other bloggers and seeing what they share about their lives in and out of the classroom.
Please join us if you haven't tried this, we all need to connect.
This week we were on a deadline for turning in grades, IEP progress reports and preparing for testing next week.
We still had time for some fun with our spelling words.

We numbered the eggs and told students the word to spell after they picked their egg. They thought it was great fun and requested repeating it.

We are focusing on improving listening comprehension.
It is a real challenge for my students with language delays. Just understanding the question can be so hard. I am incorporating our writing assignments into it.
I chose books they like and get excited about.
It is going pretty well! 
 What a difference a week makes!
Last week we were knee deep in snow and this week it's raining, and we are cleaning off the deck.
The cold is not gone yet...but it's on the way out...
I love these things!
They don't really go well with the Weight Watchers program, however, 12 of them counts as 3 points and it's
I am looking forward to seeing my grand kids tomorrow, they are coming to our house to hunt eggs and eat hamburgers! I was motivated to do some house cleaning and managed to hit the 10,000 step mark on my FitBit!
I haven't done that since I had my little "intracranial bleed".
and my house is pretty clean...feels good!
Have a good week.