Friday, May 27, 2016

Five for Friday!

This week we put our classrooms to bed. I had it pretty easy because
Which is so awesome.
I spent some extra time cleaning and reorganizing my "task" library. It needed it, everything was out of order, many pieces were missing and there were some folder tasks that I didn't know why we had, so they were tossed. It felt GOOD.

I would like to set up a way to label each item. This way a teacher assistant could help put them away and it would be clear where they should go. I have them filed into skills with all the math folders together, the reading together, the activities stored in big envelopes or bags are stored in separate boxes. I'm going to think about that.....

I also brought ALL my classroom library books home to be organized, purged and labeled. I have too many books, so purging is definitely on the agenda.

I noticed that our Fred Meyers Store in Wasilla has started this Free for kids healthy snacks stand!
Way to go Fred's!

Alaskan summer has begun!

The flowers are beginning to peek out.

 I have a list of things I want to do!
There are lots of fun things on it as well as school things.
The summer already feels too short!

I'm done for now....I think.....