Monday, June 6, 2016

Link with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday

I'm actually linking on Monday for the Five for took me awhile to come out of the zone my brain was in last week! So join us and link with

First, our school district provides a week of classes for us after school is out and before we begin each year. It is pretty awesome! We can attend classes without making sub plans, gain knowledge and earn university credits (for a fee of course).

I took a class about behavior management the first 2 days.

We received our own copy of  The Tough Kid Book, wrote our classroom behavior plan with help from our teacher. It is so nice to have someone to ask questions to when working on something like that. Our teacher is also a former special education/behavior teacher and is  our resource specialist. In our district, special education teachers have a person they can call whenever there are questions, will attend meetings with parents who have questions and look out for us.

It is GREAT!

Second, the next 2 days I took the Integrated Classroom.
It was amazing to say the least.
Lots of information! We learned a lot of things and I am sorting it out in my head at the moment. I am super excited. We received a laptop/tablet device for our classrooms, it will enable us to connect directly to our promethean boards without being in front of the board or at our desk computers.

Third, all the classes were at the beautiful Career Tech High School.

Fourth, I am working on organizing and labeling my classroom library.

It's a mess.  I am getting help from Danielle Mastandrea at TPT.
I purchased her Book Stickers to get started.
When the books are properly labeled, I will start on the bins!
Danielle also has a variety of patterns and colors for those.
Thank you Danielle!

I have discovered a few that I will have to make myself.
Alaska Books and the Black Lagoon books.
I have quite a lot of both of those.
I have some books that I cannot figure out which category to place them into....AHHHH!

Fifth! I am enjoying sitting around and watching Supernatural whenever I want to!

.........doing some house cleaning....

Have a great week,