Friday, May 31, 2013

Five for Friday...Grandchildren...Camping....May 31, 2013

It is 3 weeks until summer school begins so I am attempting to take a break from all things school! It is not that easy, I am excited about the camping theme we are going to implement at summer school. I purchased a camping unit from 1-2-3 Learn Curriculum through Teachers pay Teachers and it has some great ideas!  In the meantime, I will do some field research by going camping!

Here's my FIVE this week with Doodle Bugs Teaching---
My husband and I have been scouting for camping spots, our ultimate goal is to camp in Denali Park, home of Mt. McKinley. We are going to begin the summer a little closer to home, down the road a little ways. My husband thinks "primitive" camping is the best, however, I am to that place in my life when I require a few luxuries when camping, namely.....toilets. Oh and an air mattress! Is that too much to ask? No it isn't and my husband is pretty agreeable to these luxury items. We are having a lot of fun just looking for the camping space, although some of the roads we meander down are a little rough!
There are toilets!
I have spent several days with my beautiful, awesome grandchildren and that always makes me happy! They keep you hopping! My daughter goes shopping by herself with them, but I have no idea HOW! They run in two different directions the minute they get loose!

We have had a week of sunshine and boy are we soaking it up! Even though I am  one of those "never tan" people, I am slathering on the sunscreen and enjoying every minute of it.
I had lunch this week with a couple of very good friends, we ate, laughed and talked for hours. One of my friends lives on a lake and has a nice view from her deck.
She served a delicious lunch along with a refreshing drink.

Most of the lake is thawed out, HOWEVER, the culvert under the railroad track is NOT!

 My friend's husband is a hard working and creative Alaskan........he's cutting through the ice one big block at a time!
OKAY! I'm calling that five! My grandbabies count as two! Next week, I plan  on doing some real camping (with toilets) and will begin to organize my summer school plans. I will be sharing more school stuff soon!  Until next time, Paula