Saturday, July 6, 2013

Campfire Art Project

We did this art project the first week of summer school, it is simple and fun to do! I found it on pinterest through Fumbling through parenthood  There are some great ideas if you want to check them out!
We went on a hike the first day and picked up all kinds of neat stuff--moss, leaves, flowers, rocks, sticks, twigs.
Materials needed:
liquid glue
tissue paper or construction paper
1. Break up the twigs if needed.
2. Squeeze lots of glue in the spot for the logs. I drew an oval shape to indicate where the glue needed to stay within.
3. Place the twigs.
4. Cut or tear paper in orange, red and yellow color.
5. Randomly place and glue paper.
6. Let dry overnight.
This is one art project where the kids can use lots of glue! This project is also very adaptable for all scissor skills. If they are just beginning and are snipping, give them narrow strips to do just that. If they cannot handle scissors at all, they can tear the paper into small pieces. One of my students made a pattern with his flames all on his own!
They are very proud of this project! It has been hanging in the hall the last couple of weeks and the parents ooo and aah over it.