Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ocean week

This week we are camping out in Seward, Alaska. We are focusing on sea life because Seward is located on the coast and  has a fantastic sea life center!

The kids really loved this book! It  opened up lots of discussion, they were very excited about the sea life described in the book, especially the sharks. This led me to remember that I had a video of a shark tunnel from the Oklahoma Aquarium! So I brought it the next day to show them, they were mesmerized. Great fun.
As a follow up activity, they did a camp notebook activity which had them finish the sentence: "I see ___________________ under the waves." To finish they drew a picture to match the sentence.
Art Projects
Do-A-Dot pictures

Fishing for letters!
Before the students arrived, we taped all the letters around the room.

They walked around the classroom with the worksheet on their clipboard and dotted the letter when they found it. Some of the students could do this independently, some needed an assistant to help them find, name and dot each letter.
The fishing worksheet is from the camping unit I purchased from teachers pay teachers!
Making an Ocean Scene
The first day: painted a piece of paper blue covering completely. Sprinkle sand for the bottom of the ocean.
The second day: using lots of liquid glue, place the seaweed and fish.

Let dry for a day and display!

Materials we used: plastic greenery, goldfish crackers, glittery foam stickers, Swedish fish candy (yum).
The Octopus song was introduced, it is a well known tried and true preschool song, I was surprised to find that the kindergarten/first grade students hadn't heard it before. They loved it! It is the most requested song now.
It is also called the "slippery fish" song, I have the Charlotte Diamond version. There are lots of references to this song, including videos online.
This theme is extremely inspiring, we were reluctant to leave it and extended it for another week!