Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It looked like Spilt and art lesson

There is nothing better then taking a good book and matching an art activity to it! This was an easy and quick lesson, the kids liked the book and were creative with the art project.

I read the predictable book, It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw.

I have this great art book.

blue paper
glue sticks
cotton balls
Ideally, we would go outside and lay on the ground and find shapes in the clouds. Our weather wasn't cooperating. It didn't matter, the kids took off with this project!
1.Ask students to think of a shape they would like for a cloud. Some of them picked one from the book and that was okay, most of them thought of something completely different.
2. Draw their chosen shape and cut it out.
3. Cover the paper cloud with glue using a glue stick.
4. Using a cotton ball, dip it in powder, dot it all over the cloud until it looks just right.
(The turtle is mine)
The cotton stuck just a little to the glue to give it a fluffy cloud look! I brought baby powder and the entire classroom smelled so good!
I wrote up the statement: "Sometimes it looked like a _______. But it wasn't! It was a cloud."
They each told me what their cloud was.
Overall, this was a very successful lesson. The students didn't hesitate or complain, the book seemed to help them understand exactly what their cloud could be.