Friday, November 22, 2013

Five for Friday....Gobble, Gobble!....ICE!

It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Today was a weird day, it began with freezing rain which turned into a major problem for bus drivers, it ended with cars encased in ice. However, we were toasty in our school building, we made 
Materials needed: feathers, liquid glue, paper plates, googly eyes, red, orange, yellow construction paper and a brown crayon.

Cut the paper plate in half......

Color the back of the plate with a brown crayon

Choose 12 feathers
Using liquid glue, run a thick line of glue from "x" to the next "x".
Place your feathers


Cut out the head/body piece 

Glue body onto plate and glue on Googly eyes.


Cut out the wattle and glue it on the body.
Cut out the beak and glue it on top of the wattle.
Cut out the feet and glue onto the back of the body.

Awesome turkey!


Ice Cube Car.....

I thought this looked kind of neat...even while I struggled to get the door open....

I am home snug and warm now...and don't HAVE to leave it for two days, the roads should be covered with snow providing some traction by that time..
as Pete the Cat says...
It's all goooooood