Tuesday, November 5, 2013

SUMMER FLASHBACK.....Classroom Camping Theme and writing

This didn't get posted this summer and I decided to do a little flashback session! I really loved this theme and found so many great ideas in the TpT store as well as teachers' blogs. This particular idea just needed a clipart fire, paper and staples!

We made some camp Notebooks to go along with our books and graphs activities. I really had some big plans for these guys, but we never had enough time for everything! Here are a few things we did with them...maybe next summer we can work them into the lessons more!

When we prepared them, I didn't know WHAT we were going to do yet! So they had blank pages.
Later, when I knew what our lessons were going to cover I made pages, copied, cut them apart and glued them into the notebooks. It worked okay, I only had 12 notebooks to glue.

 We brainstormed after our hike, while I wrote everything they said, I also drew simple pictures next to the words to prepare them for doing it on their own.

This was completed after our fishing graph.

We read the big book Under the Waves.

Step by step drawing activities.

This notebook has a lot of potential and can be individualized for each student if needed. We met in our "Writing Tent" to complete the notebooks. I learned something....even the most reluctant writer will try his best if he can be in a tent!

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