Monday, November 11, 2013

Professional Development on Veteran's Day...Linking with Doodle Bugs....and a Moose!

I didn't get around to linking with Doodle Bugs this weekend, so I'm catching up on Veteran's Day or more accurately, night! Our school district cleverly gave the students the holiday off and set us up with a Professional Development Day. Sunday we finally had some serious snow fall and I had to get up extra early to prepare and get to the PD meeting on time.

It had rained before it started the doors were frozen shut...


Our district has grown so large that when we all get together, parking can be a problem. Today we had to walk a little ways to get to the meeting place. It's a scenic path!


The speaker, Tricia McKale Skyles presented the STOIC framework. She is very entertaining, using humor to help get the point across. The three hours went quickly!
STOIC  stands for: 
Structure the environment for success
Teach expectations
Observe ( monitor, supervise)
Interact positively (build relationships and provide positive feedback)
Correct fluently (calmly, consistently, immediately, respectfully)

One of my favorite quotes from Ms. Skyles today:
Arguing with a kid is like mud wrestling with a pig, both of you get dirty, and the pig loves it.
She said she heard it in Kentucky.


As I was driving into my driveway, I was met with a welcome sight...


Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my dad for his service to this great country
 This is dad and my little sister a while back : )

love you Dad!