Friday, July 10, 2015

ESY 2015.....Week 3!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week with activities from our third week of summer school!~ It is FLYING by!


We made play dough this week. It was messy and fun!
This is our step by step instructions, we ended up reducing the amount of water because it was WAY too sticky! We still needed to add more flour, it was definitely a work in progress.
There was lots of running to the sink to wash or wipe hands off on wet paper towels, and then they would dive back in. Lots of language (ew....this is gross....ick....mine is tooooo sticky... more flour please...).
A couple of days later, it needed MORE flour, so I'll have to study on this recipe a bit more.
I considered it a SUCCESS as a lesson!
This week was all about Pirates!
I found this pirate puppet on Teachers Pay Teachers!
You can get him from
I found this awesome, amazing and "funnest" pirate science idea on Pinterest!
You can see it on
The above picture shows the ingredients used.
Pour the mixture into ice trays with some treasures in the center of each and FREEZE

Some of the treasure....

The recycled squirt bottles are filled with vinegar.
The kids squirt it on the ice cube.....
and wahoooooooooo!


Check out


The books we focused on this week.....
Sounds (a Big book)
Twenty-Six Pirates
another pirate book that I cannot think of right now!

I forgot to take pictures of them this week!

Our yard is growing like crazy!
The fires are slowing down in the state and it has been raining often.

We LOVE it!
Hope your summer is going well also!