Friday, July 3, 2015

Linking with Doodle Bugs...Week 1 of Summer School


I'm a couple of weeks behind on sharing our ESY activities, and want to present them in order, here is what went on
the first week ....

1. Our Reading


  • The Deep Blue Sea (colors, predictable text)
  • Under the Waves (nonfiction)
  • Over in the Ocean (rhyme)
  • The Octopus Song

2.Art project


Deep Blue Sea
Great project! It takes two days.
First: paint the entire paper blue, don't leave any white. (well some friends have trouble with this)
Second: glue and sprinkle sand. Apply sea animals.

3.Science experiment

Salt Water
We did an oldie but goodie experiment.(I forgot to take pictures)
2 clear glasses/cups of water
3 raw eggs
1. Display the 2 glasses of plain water.
"Are these the same or different?"
2. Show the eggs.
"These are not cooked."
Demonstrate by cracking open 1 egg into a separate container.
3. Gently place one egg in each glass.
" What happened?"
See if someone comes up with "they both sank."
4. Take the eggs out. Add a good amount of salt to one glass.
"How are the glasses of water different?"
5. Place eggs back into the glasses.
"What happened?"
"What do we know about salt water now?"
I love this experiment! It encourages lots of language and has the "WOW" factor.
 4. The Beach (Sensory Play)

A couple of boys took my Ms. Frizzle quote seriously!
They had a grand time. But then.....we adults put the lid on the tub and left it for 4 days...when we returned....
So that tub of sand has been retired.
I'm looking for more ideas to replace it
and keep the fun going.
5. Station Activity

Adapted book. Match pictures as we read the book.
Happy 4th of July!