Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 5 of ESY.....Making a Shark

Here is one the projects we did the last week of ESY/Summer School! This turned out to be a fantastic project.


construction paper
paper plates
glue stick

1. Fold a paper plate in half.

2. Cut the teeth out.

and open the plate...presto!
Shark teeth!

3. Fold construction in half. Draw and cut out the shark body.

4. Draw on the eyes. If you have the googly eyes, those would look great!


5. Glue the jaw on the underside of the shark body.

6. Cut out a triangle for the fin. Fold it as shown and glue.

We read the book Smiley Shark by  Ruth Galloway

Try this one out next time you read a shark book or study sharks. It is great fun and they can play with it also.