Tuesday, July 7, 2015

ESY...Summer School....Week 2

Here's what we did the second week of ESY.

Art Projects

This easy and cute turtle idea is from Glittering Muffins.

The kids were very creative! I thought they would make some dots and be done, but they made designs!

We had time to do a 2nd craft this week......

Make an island and add a palm tree. This idea is from Glued to my Crafts.

1. Read a book about the beach or an island. We read Pete the Cat at the Beach.
2. Trace and cut out both hands on green construction paper.
3. Cut about 1/3 of a paper plate off for the island. (Save the cut off piece).
4. Cut blue tissue paper into squares. Glue onto plate for the ocean.
5. Glue and sprinkle sand for the beach. Also you may glue small shells or sea stars.
6. Glue hands onto top of brown tree trunk made from brown construction paper. Trim the piece of the leftover plate and glue on the back of the tree trunk.
(You can skip this part if you use tagboard)
7. After the sand dries, staple the tree onto the plate.


Growing Sea Life characters (from Oriental Trading)
clear cups or glasses for each student
magnifying glass

They really studied their animals closely!
After the first day, they noticed the animals were more "spongy" feeling.

I made a little worksheet for them to use. They circled the color word and wrote what kind of animal they had picked.

They traced around it each day to see if the size was different.
This project turned out to be even more fun then I anticipated!
Other Activities

We are keeping busy at ESY and having lots of fun!