Friday, June 27, 2014

Camping classroom......the schedule.......checking in...and more!

Each student picked out a t-shirt and it was labeled with their name. 
They place their shirt in the tent as they come into the room.

I purchased this game in a camp unit by 1-2-3 Learning through Teacher Pay Teachers. This unit is awesome, lots of ideas and easy to assemble activities.

The clothespins make it more fun than the usual markers.

The preschool teacher down the hall had these cute pigs in the hall!

We will be camping by the sea for a couple of weeks. This theme is always fun! There will be more to share later,


2014 Camping Classroom...Stations

Our summer school theme is Camping! First, we are camping with dinosaurs. Kids love dinosaurs! I am linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching:

The students have a variety of objectives to work on so we are splitting into small groups and calling it the "Station Rotation". Note: This is my morning session, a MUCH smaller group compared to the afternoon session.

The chart helps the students be more independent, I ring the bell when it is time to switch. Initially I was going to use pictures to represent all the stations, but realized this would be much simpler! 

This chart is my guide, so I don't have to think so hard!

The stations are marked with matching construction paper.

Here are  the stations:

motor and sensory skills

The rug is from a thrift store and the pins are made from water bottles with gravel to weight them slightly.
I really really want a ball pit ! I think the kids would get a lot of good from it.

Red (the picnic table)
math skills and games

Green (the tree)
reading and writing skills

free choice reading

There are still some bugs to work out of the system, but the first week went pretty well.



Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday....June 20, 2014

Summer school is here!  Time to share with Doodle Bug's five for Friday link:

It was difficult to get back into the swing of things.

I returned to the camping theme because it was too much fun last summer! We will be camping with dinosaurs, by the seashore and if the zoo.

We are house  hunting. It is exhausting, exciting and frustrating! We actually made an offer, but someone else jumped in and offered more. I can see there will be many ups and downs. Anyway! Alaska is a lovely place to wander around in......

I love the green!

We had a successful yard sale! 

I repeated this art project. It is a simple, fun to break twigs, you can't use too much glue, and great scissor skill practice kind of project.

I changed up the campfire this year, a friend gave me this cool tin, we cut out a circle of flames, lined the sides and put real firewood in the middle.

I changed my hair color! Instead of darkening it in a vain attempt to cover the gray, I lightened. It was a process, my hair was resistant, but the hair dresser was persistent and she got it done!

I'll be back in a few days to share more about our classroom set up and activities!

Later Gator!