Saturday, May 23, 2015

Five for Friday....School's OUT

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Sheila allowed me to show this picture. This is the LAST bus on the LAST day of school!
Sheila can take amazing pictures with an iphone!
We do a bubble send off as the kids rock to the classic school's out song!

Packing....lots of packing!
classroom moving.....ESY packing.....
Celebration with friends!
Chepo's in Wasilla, Alaska.
The last play of the season! A sad story, but well done.
We had field day the last day of school. One of the stations the students do is walk the path to the lake behind our school (with lots of supervision!). Sheila took another beautiful picture of the lake.
If you would like to see more of Sheila's work go to her website at

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Five for Friday....ummm....Sunday!

And now it is time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching, who is soooo lucky to be finished and checked out of her classroom for the summer! I still have another week to suffer and work myself to death. A bit dramatic, I know.
I'm feeling a bit's what went on this last week.

Lunch time for a Purple Snake!
Fun story and art lesson.

Preparing materials to send home with the kids!
We cleaned out the interactive notebooks and bound everything together. I found this nice journal cover on Freebielicious and made them a summer journal with lots of blank paper to draw and write on.

Assessing.....studying data...progress reports....grades for the standard report cards...

This is a handy tool for reading fluency practice....

I use this to tune my guitar and it also has a metronome, the students are very motivated to read at a faster pace. We used it this last quarter and their fluency really picked up. The kid we read ultra slowly, drawing out each word began to shorten the words so he could keep up with the beat.

Mother's Day Flowers!
Aren't my girls the best--est?
Have a wonderful week, I hope to post a picture of my "summarized" classroom next weekend!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Five for Friday...promethean board....books and Mother's Day!

It is time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!
This is a great book.......

and leads into a great activity and bulletin board/display.

As I was teaching a lesson last week on the promethean board, I told the kids..."a while ago I was teaching lessons on a chalkboard and now we use this amazing thing!" The kids know about sidewalk chalk, and have seen the little chalkboards,  but they couldn't imagine a large one on the wall. Ha! (after all, we had whiteboards in between) Anyway, I have been putting more effort into learning how to use my promethean board and it can really help in advanced planning! For example, instead of writing every detail in sub plans......
I add specific teacher instructions for those unexpected sub moments!

These set ups take a little time to create, but are worth it. The sheep sort was made a couple of years ago and luckily I remembered where I saved it!
Another advantage to setting up a flipchart for each day of the week...
I don't FORGET skills I want to review!
I presented it this way for two reasons:
1. They are getting very antsy right now and they don't groan because we are only doing two letters.
2. They know that snack is NEXT, and so are willing to do what I want to get to that very important event!

A co-worker has promised to teach me how to attach videos and/or music to a page so we can listen and sing a months of the year  or days of the week song.
I know it is probably steps...
This time of year is so stinkin stressful!
So tired of working late, working, working, working!
Along with it other WORRIES...
will my leg heal soon....will I have to go to jury duty....are my lesson plans ready....can I pack for ESY by the deadline....
This little quote and picture is a good reminder....
it's allllll good and will get done when it gets done!

Happy Mother's Day Mom! If you have Wi-Fi in Heaven....
I love you and miss you everyday!
That's all I got...