Friday, July 24, 2015

Five for Friday...Dancing Fish Science ...vacation!

I am linking with Doodle Bugs this week with one more science experiment from our summer classroom. The reminder of the five are all vacation stuff!

This experiment is called the "Dancing Fish". The idea is from the Teacher Created Materials book I mentioned last week.
You need these materials.....
vinegar, baking soda, raisons, a jar and water

Begin with plain water in the jar, be sure there is some room for bubbling and fizzing.
Pour 1/3 cup of vinegar in the water.
Put in 2 teaspoons of baking soda.
Gently stir.
Give each student some raisons and direct them to drop them in the jar.
As bubbles form on the raisons, they will rise to the top and drop back down repeatedly.
Why it works: The vinegar and baking soda causes a chemical reaction forming carbon dioxide bubbles that are lighter than the water. The bubbles settle on the raisons and cause them to rise to the top, some bubbles are released into the air and the raison will drop back down. The whole process begins again.
It was great fun and the kids were amazed!

Science is Magic!
Now for my vacation so far......
After I landed in Oklahoma and slept for a day and a half, my Sis and I got pedicures!
The big toe d├ęcor is truly a WORK OF ART!!!
My dearest and longest friend
took me shopping at Mardel's
It is a lovely store with great teacher stuff!

I want to change my color scheme in the classroom, and am liking the purple and light blue combo!
I purchased a few items to get started with....

Went to work with my amazing Sis!
She works near the capital.
What a view!
We had lunch at Pops which was a fun experience, they have every kind of soda pop that has been created!
I really enjoyed my meal too, it was an
"Edmond Burger" and had bacon, Swiss cheese and mushrooms.
all the best stuff!

Just down the road is the round barn....
The root beer on tap at Pops is called
Round Barn Root Beer and...
that's all I know about it!
We didn't go in....all the windows and doors were open...good clue..
So that's my vacation so far!
I am also excited about changing colors in my classroom...
more on that later.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 5 of ESY.....Making a Shark

Here is one the projects we did the last week of ESY/Summer School! This turned out to be a fantastic project.


construction paper
paper plates
glue stick

1. Fold a paper plate in half.

2. Cut the teeth out.

and open the plate...presto!
Shark teeth!

3. Fold construction in half. Draw and cut out the shark body.

4. Draw on the eyes. If you have the googly eyes, those would look great!


5. Glue the jaw on the underside of the shark body.

6. Cut out a triangle for the fin. Fold it as shown and glue.

We read the book Smiley Shark by  Ruth Galloway

Try this one out next time you read a shark book or study sharks. It is great fun and they can play with it also.


Friday, July 17, 2015

ESY....Week 4...One more to go!

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!
Began the week with this cute octopus!
This guy was in a book I found in my cabinet...yes you heard right!
Remember in the old days....we used those to have access to lesson ideas?
Anyway, the book is from
Teacher Created Materials,
Thematic unit: Sea Animals
Early Childhood
We read
( this book has beautiful artwork, vivid colors and rhymes)

 and made one of these maps to see how many animals we could remember from the book! They were pretty excited about it, I am wishing we had done this type of activity more this summer.

Next, they completed and drew pictures of sea life from the map. The worksheet is from the amazing Sea life theme book from
Teacher Created Materials
Cool counting game!
roll the dice.....count....add....color in the total. Sometimes they roll over and over before getting a new number, no problem!
This is a freebie from

We read
and made...
I have made many versions of a rainbow fish over the years, and I think this is my favorite!
In the past, I have made it too complicated and it takes quite a lot of time. This guy was quick and the students could make him as colorful as they wanted with markers. Of course, the
is the best part!
(another paper plate creation is born!)
The kids were so excited to take theirs home, I didn't get pictures, this is my demo model.
Fireweed....inverted colors!
just some fun....
There is one more week of Summer School to share and since I am one week BEHIND in presenting it, I'm actually flying to Oklahoma!!! after this post.
I will post the last week's activities while on vacation....maybe.....might be later...
(yes! I'm going on vacation!)