Friday, July 29, 2016

Five for Friday....Oh NO! It's almost over


Vacation is almost over....
I picked up my school keys yesterday....
felt a little panic creep into my thoughts.....

It's time to link with Doodle Bugs Teaching! The place where the curriculum is organized and every teacher knows what they are doing, I need to live in that dream world for a little while.
Here we go!

My five for Friday consists mostly of things I did when I visited family in the lower 48.


While in Oklahoma we visited the Tiger Safari Park in Tuttle!
It is an awesome place!
I highly recommend it to anyone loving animal parks. We were allowed to hold some of the animals such as the Eurasian Eagle Owl, it was breathtaking. The park host was very specific on how to hold them and helped us get our pictures.
We also stayed overnight at a Safari Hut and that was fun. It was decorated in an African theme and the AC worked great, which is so important in July, in Oklahoma!
If you live in Oklahoma or are planning a trip that takes you through the Tuttle area, you should really check it out. Call ahead.

We got the opportunity to walk through this old historic building, it's not open to the public, the current owner was kind enough to allow us inside. Most of my family worked in this building at one time or another. It was an orphanage when my parents were in grade school and later a nursing home. I washed dishes in the kitchen, did housekeeping and for a very short time, was a nurse's aid. I discovered that nursing was NOT my thing.
Walking around inside and talking about old memories was fun.

My husband got a 4 wheeler recently and the grand kids love it! Grandpa doesn't mind giving rides either.


Our yard is growing like crazy!
It's the last hurrah of summer for us.


We have lived in Alaska 17 years and I still have things stored in my dad's garage! I went through a lot of it and either threw it away, gave it away or mailed it to myself.

There are still 3 tubs left.

This summer was also the year to look through old pictures, I brought home many of them. Pictures of great, great, great grandparents, uncles, cousins.
It's nice to have a history.

I spent a small fortune mailing boxes to myself.....

Now how does ones organize all this great history??
I'll have to Pinterest it.

My next post will most likely contain  teacher stuff.
The return date to school looms closer.



Friday, July 1, 2016

Five for Friday...Going "outside"

Summer is going way too fast! The weeks are just flying by, I really thought I would have lots of those "do nothing" days...but nope.

My daughter and I are going "outside" next week! In Alaskan speak this means we are leaving the state. It took me awhile to figure out what people were talking about when they would say that. It always cracked me up. Another way to refer to leaving is "going to the lower 48".

I'm happy to not be traveling alone this time. My daughter hasn't seen our family for a few years. The trip there and back will be more fun with company.

I am still sorting and labeling my classroom library here at home. There are more at school, but it's a start. 
I made the mistake of looking at children's books when shopping at a thrift store and bought more.  I found some Pete the Cat books in hardcover! Wahoooo!

Here is one of the labels from Danielle Mastandrea at TPT.

I also found these wonderful books about famous artists!

Now I need to get matching boxes to put them in. I have a mish mesh of cardboard and plastic boxes at the moment....there are some great ideas on Pinterest! You can see my board where I am gathering them.

We are getting lots of time with our sweet grandchildren!

Getting ready for the 4th of July.

The yard is wild and alive!

Link up with Doodle bugs teaching!
Have a great holiday, be safe.