Monday, December 21, 2015

Linking up with Doodle Bugs for Christmas Cheer


I wanted to share some of our Christmas theme activities while linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Adapted books are a great resource. I find that hard page books stand up the best.
 This is a simple matching activity for counting backwards from 10 to one.
Folder activities are always easy to put together.
Here is another matching activity for letters while decorating two trees. 
Book and puppet activities are always popular!
Are you Grumpy Santa? makes kids laugh and gives them a different point of view of Christmas Eve.
The Santa for coloring and gluing is from Teacher's Friend publications, I did a little looking around for them online, but didn't find them. I have had this a long time and maybe it is not publishing anymore, not sure. Anyone know?
Of course, we had to read
The Polar Express!
Adding cotton balls to any steam train picture makes it a bit more special.
The snowman sequence is from Communication Skill Builders. Again, I have had it in my winter box for a loonnng time and I'm not sure if this particular one can be found anywhere to purchase. When I was hunting for it I did find a 4 part snowman sequence on the Scholastic website.
We had a lot of fun this last week, and I love wearing all my beautiful Christmas sweaters and vests and socks.....and hats....

Link up with Doodle Bugs and
Have a wonderful holiday,

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Five for Friday...Coming soon! Last week before Holiday break....AKA Wild Week!

This was my first week back to school after 9 long weeks!
It went very well, mostly because of the wonderful people I work with.

My Schedule has changed a bit, I have a session with a couple of guys who are very difficult to get and keep engaged. There isn't a specific subject to address at the time I have them, I get to be creative.
Naturally with the holiday spirit surrounding us, there are lots of fun activities that fit right in.
I found this activity last summer and tried it out with our summer class. It was a HUGE success! They loved it and couldn't get enough. It is called exploding treasure chests and the idea
is from
I decided to repeat this recipe calling it
Exploding Christmas Presents!
This recipe fills 2 ice trays.
Mix 1 cup of water, 3 cups of baking soda and sprinkle some Jello (for color..and it smells good). It will be thick.
Spoon some in each compartment in the ice tray, about half full, place a treasure in each ( I mostly use coins). Next spoon some more on top covering the treasure.
Then, sprinkle some glitter on top and place into the freezer.
Overnight is long enough.
Prepare vinegar by pouring some in squirt bottles.
Put a cube in a bowl and hand the students the vinegar.
The chemical reaction fizzes and treasures are revealed!
Your kids will love it!
In math we are reviewing number families, counting by 10's and 5's.
Number families as presented by Connecting Math Concepts.

I apologize for not identifying the provider of these cards, I've been using them a couple of years and can't remember who I purchased them from!
This is a fun project I found on Pinterest.
The Clifford book, Christmas Wishes went well with it.
Students love to paint and sprinkle glitter!
It went fast also.
Stay calm, deep breaths,
and link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Five for Friday...It's already December????

FINALLY I went to the Neurologist .....and saw his Physician's Assistance. This was okay with me, she was nice, explained the brain pan very well and answered all my questions. I also liked HER assistant. I just thought it was a little funny...I've waited 8 weeks to see the neurologist and you know.....but really it was okay.
I learned some new things.
Did you know that some herbal supplements and teas will thin your blood?
I've been drinking chamomile tea and shouldn't be!
To anyone who is new to this very interesting and informative blog...
I had a stroke and have been home resting, healing, waiting to get a new MRI and see the Neurologist who will decide that I am healed up and am ready to return to work.
So I return on Monday
no...really....I am ready to return...I miss the other teachers, teacher assistants, office staff, the custodian, the nutritional services person and
ready, ready, ready!
Check in with me on Monday evening...I'll probably be draggggggging.
We are doing our Christmas decorating at home.


Our pets are preparing  for the big day too!
Made a cozy spot in our basement, it is also my exercise area.
We will add a TV and DVD player eventually, the laptop will do just fine for now.
There is always a friend to keep me company!
I am a little short on things to share this week. However, next week I will have some "teacher stuff" to share!!
Don't forget to link up with Doodle Bugs!!