Monday, April 25, 2016

Workbasket Wednesday with Autism Classroom Resources

I love this blog, she is always addressing an issue that is EXACTLY what I need help with!

I haven't needed to use workboxes near as much in the last couple of years, but keep all the ones we've made for ....just in case.

Just in Case walked through my door! I needed to get back in the mode so I visited Chris's blog again and now I am fired up!
I am sharing a couple of easy to make activities. It's all about the way you structure the activity.

Here are some dot to dot pages that I tweaked to include the sequence of letters/numerals the student needs to follow to complete the picture. They are laminated which makes it easy to erase and be ready to go again.

Once they understand and practice these pages, the student graduates to the "non-tweaked" versions.
These are from various workbooks and coloring books.

 This was a sticker book, we laminated, placed Velcro for the numerals and found some number cards that are pretty thick and solid, The tray with the numerals  help to organize the student.
I modified this for a student by writing in the numbers with an erasable marker. For a student who is not solid on one to one correspondence counting 10 puppies can be overwhelming.  Eventually students realize it is in sequence!

I plan on making some new activities to meet my student's curriculum soon, and will share in May.

Check out Autism Classroom Resources!

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