Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thirteen in 13 Linking Party

I need a linking party to get me going for the new year! This looks like a good one! It is hosted by  Miss Kindergarten, a teeny tiny teacher and Dragonflies first.

My favorite clothing is the fleece vest! I have a variety of colors, they have good pockets, many with zippers so items won't fall out or be helped out by a small, inquiring hand, and they add warmth. I am always a little sad when it gets too warm to wear them.

Okay...this is the thing about me...I don't go to movies all that often, usually watch Netflix or rent and my preference is almost always...horror. My favorite movie this year...
The Conjuring

It is difficult to see a new horror flick that has a good story line, good actors and makes me jump! This one had it all.

This is hard to choose, I have my regular favorites...Bones and Supernatural. However, this year I discovered a good one on Netflix...Hemlock Grove.

Hemlock Grove (2013) Poster

The city of Wasilla, Alaska has grown quickly in the last 10 years, there are many more places to shop and eat then there was. But if I don't want to drive too far I go to the Roadside Inn!
Roadside Inn - Wasilla, AK

I cannot think of one new thing I did this year...just went to work and came home...I color themed my classroom..that was new and different..pathetic!

I'm going to list my favorite gift ever!
An electric guitar! 
I still haven't really learned how to play it....
hmmm...that should be a New Years resolution.

The best version of Little Drummer Boy I've ever heard!
by a cappella group Pentatonix

Survived another year.

This picture of my dad and I this summer.

I went to Oklahoma for 3 weeks. I went right to work the day after I got off the plane, it was a couple of days before I could see my grandchildren.   When I left for Oklahoma, they were not talking. They were at my house (with their mother, my daughter). I walked into my house and saw my grandson, but not his sister, I hugged and kissed on him and asked "Where's Z, Tristan?". He looked at me and said (clear as day) "Z's at home grammy". I just about fell over, I'll bet my mouth was hanging open!
To get thinner, healthy and have a more positive attitude!


Happy New Year!

Positive Paula