Saturday, May 17, 2014

Five for Friday....May 16, 2014

It is already Friday again! Time to join Doodle Bugs for her awesome linking party!

We are starting to take the room apart and pack for summer school. Only two more days of school and we are finished. Lots and lots and lots to do before I get checked out. I received an upsetting notice today regarding some of my special ed. paperwork. It looks like there is more to do that I didn't even anticipate. ugggg! 


The Librarian put this fun and cute bulletin board up, I know it was fun for the kids to do and fun for the rest of the school to walk by and look at all the unique minions.

The butterflies are out! My co-worker and friend (who is retiring - ahhh!) is helping me keep them alive, I call her Dr. Butterfly. I think we will release them Monday.


The kinder teacher on the other side of me has all kinds of art projects going on, they also had butterflies. Here are a couple of their works. The egg is a bead, the caterpillar are cottonballs, the cocoon is a piece of an egg carton and a coffee filter makes up the butterfly. Pretty clever!

We treated ourselves to a meal out of the house at the Roadside Inn. I love the murals in the restaurant.


We are house hunting! It is scary and exciting all at the same time.  Just something not too big and not too small, maybe on a lake but the taxes are higher and of course, economical to keep warm! It is fun following the GPS to a variety of homes, and if no one lives there...peeking in the windows!

I think we are off to a boat show!