Friday, June 26, 2015

Five for Friday...ESY classroom

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It has been a busy couple of weeks. We started Summer School AKA Extended School Year, Alaska is on fire and there was a pretty good earthquake last week that I didn't even notice!
So here is a tour of our classroom for the summer session.
The theme is
Under the Sea
(group area)
We draped an old blue and white sheet from the ceiling, it gives the room a blue hue.

The Beach
(sensory play station)

The Palm Tree
(reading and writing station)
The Light House
(math station)
Turtle Time
( Chill out spot)
(thank you Brenda for the loan of the amazing turtle!)
A student can request turtle time anytime he or she is feeling a need to get away. There is a card they can pull and hand to one of the teachers. The teacher sets the timer for 3 minutes. They usually are ready to leave before the timer goes off.
They can lay under the table on the towel or can put the turtle on the floor and lay on it. Some of our friends need more time and stay until they are ready to join the group.
At first, it was used a lot! Once everyone had tried it out, they got back to work.
The rules:
1. Only one student at a time.
2. Finish your work/project afterwards.
I'll share more about our schedule, rotations and art projects  in the next post.