Saturday, September 12, 2015

Workbasket Wednesday Link Up!

This is my first try at linking with Autism Classroom's workbasket Wednesday....

I love these things...I call them tasks, some call them boxes...whatever the name...
they are AWESOME!
Here are some of my favorites....
The piece of Velcro is a modification for a student who had difficulty physically writing. He was shown 2-4 cards with numbers already written and chose which one matched the value of the coins.
Students who can read also need this strategy.
This was an easy one to pull together using ordinary objects around the classroom.
It is a great reading comprehension activity!
As a special education teacher for intensive need students, my students' needs change from year to year, I don't always have students who require this type of task.
I save them and use them for review with ALL kinds of learners...
and they love them!
They are priceless.
Thank you for coming by,