Saturday, November 16, 2013

Five for Friday (a day late)...November 15, 2013

How can a week seem so long, yet move so fast? That doesn't make sense! But time rarely does.
It is time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!
ONE : The snow is here to stay! Here is outside transport for our little guy!

The other students love to help pull him around the playground at recess!

TWO: We are continuing using our counting by 5 pumpkins from Doodle Bugs!

THREE: It's that time of year for static.

FOUR: We had a visitor this week... The String Man...AKA Dave Titus, he told the kids a wonderful story using a string as the visuals, it flowed beautifully and the kids were sure he was magic! This is a photo of one of his books, ( I sadly did not have my phone with me during the story) but he also has DVDs. He  is very "kid friendly",  engaging when telling a story, patient and knows how to calm them down.

FIVE: I got out my snow book collection this week, the kids are very excited about the new sledding hill on our playground, but didn't get to use it this week. We talked about handling disappointment, and knowing that they WILL get to sled pretty soon!

I'm keeping this fast and short so I will only be one day late instead of three!  Later this week I'll share our turkey project!

Have a great week,