Thursday, November 14, 2013

FLASHBACK SUMMER! The Science Table and Sensory Cabin

This post has been hanging around unpublished and I decided it was too fun not to share! So here is one more tidbit from summer school.
The Cabin is where the sensory tub and other fun stuff resides. The first 2 weeks included various puzzles.  Last week we added a fishing "pond". The kids loved it! I observed them independently taking turns, counting, sorting fish, and talking about the colors of the fish they caught! (Fishing and graphing fish had been introduced the week before-see the previous blog here)

We are also matching our colors in the sensory box with the songs being taught at the campfire! (Thank you Miss Susan!) Using Frog Street Press' Color Songs Program, we sing songs that spell the color words. It is very engaging for most kids.

 The Science Table  is our table of randomness! Whatever we have around home that is related to our theme, we bring and share with the kids! If it is not too fragile, it is left on the table for the kids to explore. It is one of their favorite places to go.

Driftwood is so cool, each one is unique. AND you can never underestimate the interest in magnifying glasses!

These two stations were so fun! I decided to not have a toy area this year, I wanted them to be more engaged in these kind of stations and they were! They still played with the items that were available, but it required them to be more creative.