Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 Special Ed. Conference: Linda Hodgdon, Visual Strategies, Part 2

Time, Travel and Transition...Overcoming Daily Challenges with Visual Strategies.
Presented by Linda Hodgdon, M.Ed, CCC-SLP.

A primary part of ASD includes challenges in communication skills:
expression and understanding

Visual Strategies can accomplish many purposes:
get attention
aid memory
making choices
aid decisions
organize thinking

There are a wide range of visual supports...Low tech (paper) to High tech (electronic devices).


1. Avoid unexpected surprises: provide information, don't assume they understand, they have difficulty generalizing information.

2. Give lots of information: Social stories give information of what is going to happen and what you will be doing.

Time is invisible! Manage it visually with timers, visual count down, take turn visuals, and visuals to show when they can do it again.

Organization tip: Have a binder for each student with their social stories. They can reread them anytime.

Travel is unpredictable with lots of changes! Moving from one side of a room to another, room to room, a strange house, going shopping, riding in an unfamiliar car, airports (!)
Who will we see? Visiting family members you don't see often? Take lots of pictures of the people and places.

Break up the stories, for example when flying....going through a story by itself.

Sequence the transition and help him or her understand the WHY.

Once again....Videos are HUGE. Make video your friend and editing the videos is crucial.
They can be used for social stories.....
create them for a to greet to play....transition from elementary school to middle school (walk through the new school talking about it).

These are my notes from Ms. Hodgdon's presentation. There is much much more information!

I hope this has given you some ideas!