Saturday, February 21, 2015

Five for Friday! February 20, 2015

My sweet wonderful amazing....Grandchildren are visiting today, so I am keeping this short! Here are my FIVE things for this week.

Since attending the Alaska Special Education Conference last week, I am giving more thought to playing games that provide more repetition and practice in our target skills. Here are some things we did this week without neglecting our regular direct instruction programs. Oh! by the way, we had a short week of school with the kids because the first two days were Parent conferences.
This page was added to our math flipchart (Promethean Board), it  gives the kids a visual of what is next, but also reminds ME not to forget!
I won't deny it is tricky to insert time for it, our math lesson takes up most of our allotted time, yesterday we didn't have time for it at math, but did later in the day!
This is slow going at first, but once they figured it out-- it started going faster! They were so excited about playing! It not only practices subtraction and addition facts, but also they had to remember their answer while the whole table played, and know who had the biggest numeral! It kept them focused as everyone played their card.
Also, a side note: When I got the cards out and shuffled the cards, their eyes got big and they said "wow! how do you know how to do that?!" I told them when I was a little kid (you were a little kid Mrs. H???)we didn't have computers, video games and not much to watch on TV. We played cards quite a bit.

Here are a couple of "games" to play for letter recognition and sounds. The Twist and Turn Word Builders also gave me a way to incorporate writing and blending words! The kids that played these said "I love games! Can we do this again?"
Of course!
oh yeah! These are both found at Lakeshore!


This project is our Occupational Therapist's project!
She comes in each Friday and does it with our group.
she brought in Bionicles, she asked them to sort the pieces by color and follow the picture directions to build their particular Bionicle
(each one of them are protectors of different kinds of places-fire, ice, earth, water)
She had them make a diorama to act out a story with.
Next week they will pose the Bionicles in their diorama and take pictures.
they will write sentences with their pictures and present them to the group.
The kids are SUPER EXCITED to do it!
Here's a portion of the stage setting before the show began, once they begin we turn off our phones, sit back and relax.

Friday night was our GIRLS NIGHT OUT and we went to the Valley Performing Arts performance of
"Unnecessary Farce".
I haven't laughed so hard or so long in forever! This was "tears running down your face" hilarious!
A reminder to all of you who think living in a big city is the only way to be able to watch talented people show their skills---
VPA has shown how talented, creative people go about ordinary jobs and then put on a show that shows their extraordinary talents!
Friday Morning Sunrise!


Good Morning Alaska!
Our daylight minutes are increasing and we are so ready!