Saturday, April 9, 2016

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I missed last week so I will be sharing the last 2 weeks!
First of all....
AND also the Alternative Assessment.
Due to technical difficulties.
It was to be our last year to do this anyway...but it's weird how it all came about. I'm sure if you are a teacher who works for a district using the KITE website for testing, you know all about it.
There was a tremendous amount of work went into preparing for this, the scheduling alone was a nightmare. I am sad for those who worked so many additional hours.
I was visited by our amazing superintendent of schools and my principal
saying that I am one of five teachers in our district chosen as a
BP Teacher of Excellence!
I am blown away!
It still seems surreal.

I went with friends to see "On Golden Pond" at the Valley of Performing Arts in Wasilla.
So wonderful, the actors did a great job.
I feel so fortunate to see these plays and get to spend an evening with good friends.
The people who built the set didn't disappoint!
I mentioned this book last post. I am using the  "Step up to Writing" program and in this lesson we used the cards accompanying the book to make sentences. Next, they figured out which words or phrases told an action, a what, when, who, or where.
I am liking this program!

I was in Palmer this week and just liked this view.
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