Saturday, May 4, 2013

Currently for May

Here is my very first Currently! This nifty graphic list template is kindly provided by Farley at Oh Boy! 4th Grade. Thank you! I have seen several blogs with this and I love the idea of reflecting on the month.

LISTENING: We are really quite happy about some wind and rain, it means the snow will leave sooner. Although this morning it was snowing again, but it didn't stick. Whew!
LOVING: I am loving the daylight! It has been a long and dark winter, the longer days are very welcome. However, it is throwing my inner clock off, as always, I am going to bed later and later. I'm noticing the students must be doing the same!
THINKING: I am teaching Extended School Year (special ed. summer school), it is a great gig, 3 days a week, Tuesday-Thursday, for 5 weeks. I like to have a theme for summer school, there is usually a wide variety of students in our classes, a theme makes it easier to adapt everyone's instruction. This year I am thinking...Recycling! think of all the art projects we can do.
WANTING: to see my awesome grandchildren! I missed them last week-end and I'm not missing them this one! They are 2 and a half, twins, boy and girl and they are the cutest, sweetest, awesomest kids ever!
NEEDING: I lost 20 lb. between Oct. and Dec. I have felt so much better! HOWEVER, I have gained and lost the same 4 lb. ever since. I know why I'm doing that, I'm eating more bread and sugars! My self control has gone out the window lately.
SUMMER!  The reason I teach summer school! I am going to buy a ticket for Oklahoma and go see my family and friends! I can't wait!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!