Sunday, July 7, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

I am linking with First Grade Parade this week! The most difficult part is choosing which pins to share! I am a pinterest addict!
So here goes.....

My latest project is that I want to have a color theme in my classroom this year. I know this sounds crazy but I haven't ever tried to actually stick with one theme before! I started a new board labeled "classroom décor" and starting pinning! Here's my favorite from Dragonflies and Dandelions.

There's one more I want to share! It's from Another Day in First Grade, a post titled "How I decorated my classroom for under $25". That really caught my attention! She has good advice.
So! All this plotting and planning made me ask myself...Why is my classroom neat, clean and organized, but my house is NOT? My daughter replied "Because you are too put all your energy(and money) into the classroom". Sad, but true. I think I have more control over my classroom then my house, I share the house with people that have a way different take on what is clean and organized!  I decided to organize and have a color theme in my house too! My daughter and I reviewed my inclinations toward color and stuff. We decided on sand/tan and blue! So I went looking!
Here's one that looks comfortable, it was found on But honestly, I will just dig around in the crawl space and try to put something together with what I already have! Which is what I'll do with the classroom, but with lots of paper, duct tape and laminate film!
For a teacher related idea, I found this on Autism Tank which is one of my favorite blogs! This is for sale on Teachers pay Teachers and is well worth the 1.50!
Inspiration from the Wellness Warrior.......
and that's what I'll leave you with! All this copy/paste/link stuff is wearing me out! Thank you for visiting.
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