Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Checking into camp......camp jobs....building an indoor campfire!

Checking into Camp (class)
The student's first job when they walk into the classroom is to turn over their tent card and see what their job is for the day. Second, they hang up their backpack and  do their job. Next, they  take a bathroom break, and settle onto their sleeping bag to do the "clipboard work" while everyone else finishes. 

Check in card-this side shows you are not here
This side means you have arrived!

Job Cards
  • Campfire: build the classroom campfire.
  • Calendar keeper: update the calendar, the day of the week chart (yesterday, today and tomorrow), write the date- "Today is _____."
  • Coin counter: count the coins in the money cup, write the amount.
  • Line leader (self explanatory)
  • Schedule keeper: Check off activities as completed and tell the class what is next.
  • Song leader: lead the songs, choose a favorite one.
Building a Classroom Campfire

The campfire builder is the most sought after job! It was demonstrated the first day and they took off with it! The "fire" is made from tissue paper, it was folded and taped at the bottom so it could be arranged easily between the logs.
Checking off the Schedule
The Schedule keeper is a pretty popular job also, it has some "power"! They turn over the green cards as we finish an activity and announce to the class what is next.

The graphics used are from a variety of sources:
Google clipart
Writing with Symbols 2000
Camping Fun by 1-2-3 Learn Curriculum and
Camping Theme Classroom Resources by chassity klick  both purchased at Teacher Pay Teachers.