Friday, July 19, 2013

Setting up my classroom...Day 1 and 2

I am having so much fun setting up my classroom for the coming school year! I picked a color theme and with the help of teacher blogs, Teacher pay Teachers and Pinterest, there are plenty of cool ideas!
The beginning...........

 I am starting on my classroom early because I will be visiting Oklahoma the last couple of weeks before our return to school. Since our keys are checked in at the end of the year, the only time to get in the building is when our hard working custodians are there. Of course, summer school cuts into this grand plan! It leaves me 2 days to get in.

new borders!

It was bulletin board prep, laminating, cutting and adding magnets!
They work great by the way!

Furniture was moved around a bit.  The tile part of the room still needed to be waxed, so nothing could be placed on that section, but that wasn't a concern.

This school year I will have a student in a wheelchair, he needs lots of space for equipment, a mat to provide physical therapy and wide pathways to navigate around, in and out of the room. He has limited vision and I want him to have easy access to the promethean board. There is so much to think about!


This was my last day to work in the classroom before  leaving, I  was hoping to get a lot done, however, the day was filled with omens that I really should have stayed home!

I got the "Book Nook" started, I want it to be open and accessible to a wheelchair. It will include a listening center.

There is still A LOT to do! I really wanted to move my desk back to it's spot, but the amazing desk mover wasn't available at the time.
Here's the bulletin board that will be above my desk..... I love the border, it's called deco dots.

Made a "To do" list for when we return........
I do like this board....this border has more colors then the "theme" allows, but I already had it and it goes with Clifford.

Well that's all that's ready, but it's a start!

The omens included the room being hot, stuffy and there was no breeze today and of course, I didn't bring a fan. I spilled my coffee on the newly waxed, shiny floor! I stubbed my toe so hard that I had to stop and administer first aide. I was barefooted to stay cooler. My stomach was a little wonky. I began to question the wisdom of leaving the house today!

However, it's all good! AND I will be heading to the flat lands of Oklahoma, family and friends very soon! Wooooo! 

I will post more articles from summer school in the next 2 weeks while I am visiting!

Enjoy the remainder of your summer,