Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday...September 20, 2013

It is Friday again!! Wahooo! I live for Fridays because it is time to link up with Doodle Bugs! Well ...and that other little thing...called two days off!  I stayed at school until 8 PM tonight so I could really have those two days away.

I love fall, the orange, red and yellow colors are starting to appear. We have been getting a lot of rain, but this week it started freezing just a little bit, so the rain is letting up....termination dust on the mountains...brrrrrr

This little project requires following directions, fine motor skills (cutting, curling paper strip around a pencil) and counting backwards! I got the idea from a teacher down the hall (teachers are such thieves!). My math group loves to do the "count down to blast off" song, so this seemed like a perfect project.

BEHAVIOR problems! I moved the table to the side and gave them each a desk....they were picking at each other a LOT and driving me crazy.

They love their desks! I didn't tell them why exactly I got them each a desk, they are happy with them and think I'm great. (hee hee)

Next, due to cuts in staffing, I need to help lift another student from his chair to the mat or to his stander and back again...while simultaneously teaching/supervising another 3 students who have difficulties staying out of trouble when I'm not directly in FRONT of them. I tried a couple of activities that failed, I had one of them sit next to me while I helped with the lifting...keep in mind that I was near them the whole time, eyes on them, talking to them...but....ahhhh! 
Anyway, I made them each a binder, their skills vary greatly, so it is perfect. I have some worksheets from Autism Tank that I made up last year, they are laminated with velcro. I also include a couple of little i-spy books and some fun sheets. So when they need to be doing independent work while I am otherwise occupied, I tell them to get their binder out of their desk. They love it, I add new stuff  regularly so they are always excited to see what's there.

Positive reinforcement for making good choices! 10 buttons earns you a trip to the fun table. There is a variety of fun stuff tucked into drawers, they can choose whatever they like and play for 5 minutes. Cleaning up and rejoining the group when the timer goes off earns you another button! ( The card is cleared after 10 and started again). We have a sticker chart that when completed gives them a trip to the treasure box, but it takes a while to earn that one. They needed something more immediate. The 5 minutes they are gone is usually not a problem and they are so much happier! Which make them more generous in their attitude to comply. 

Of course....some days NOTHING works.

FINALLY got the workshop time organized. I call it workshop because the students are familiar with that term from previous classrooms. We rotate three times, while they are having snack, I explain what they will be doing at the stations. The computer and listening center are on alternate days. I want them to learn some independence when they are working at school. Table 2 is my opportunity to work with each one individually. They each have such unique skills and needs. 
 They are already improving!

That's how my week went! How was yours?