Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Currently with Oh Boy 4th Grade

The summer is going way too fast! I'm sure every teacher is saying that right
about now! I am linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for the monthly currently, here goes:

Listening: It may seem strange that we live in Alaska and watch the Alaska reality shows, but I think my husband watches them so he can make fun of them! I know the Alaska Troopers show is interesting because we recognize a lot of the locations!
Loving: It never gets old that I don't have to think about setting the alarm clock for Monday morning! I am working summer school, but it is only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.
Thinking: My husband is heading to Oklahoma tomorrow night, he is going to spend time with his family and help his mom with some things. I am so happy he gets to go, but I will really miss him the minute he leaves! With all our kids grown up, we spend lots of time together, and things like a simple drive are enjoyable when we are together!
Wanting/needing: So I would like to go with him, HOWEVER, I need to get some things done before I take off! Mainly, finish summer school, I would also like to set up my classroom before I leave. I won't be back to Alaska until the required day. School districts don't really pay you for enough days to be ready for that first day of school!
Tips: My daughter has been teaching me cleaning recipes made from basic household supplies. My favorite one so far is the mixing of peroxide and baking soda into a paste and rubbing it on stain on fabric, rub it in, let it set, rub it in, and so on until it is clean, it works! Also dish soap and peroxide makes an amazing cleaner for everything.

I am going back to oh Boy! now to check out some blogs!