Friday, June 7, 2013

Five for Friday....June 7, 2013

It's already Friday again! This is how vacation always! Although Doodle Bugs Teaching is on a real vacation, she is still having the linking party! Thank you!

 We didn't go camping, a big bummer, it seems one thing and then another kept us from leaving. I am sure we will go eventually. What we DID do was.....

1. Improved Rupert's (turtle) and Willie's (rat) habitats....

2. I started making a real effort to improve my health, the eating...not so much...who can resist mac and cheese?? I did start walking, armed with my trusty clip on mosquito repellent, the mosquitos are getting thick and those thingies work great!

We do have a lovely place to no excuses!
3. Although we didn't do real camping, my hubby set up the screen tent so the grand kids could enjoy the outdoors without being eaten by the mosquitos.

4. The washing machine broke down.....  : ( 
5. I added my very first item to my Teachers pay Teachers store, now I am motivated to create and add more items.
I also sat around and did NOTHING!  So there's my five!
Have a great week, Paula