Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting organized....Freebie...and a kitten!

I am beginning to organize materials for summer school, there are lots of resources available, but first I need to see what the students are going to need. The last couple of weeks of school, I did a quick glance through the special ed. amendments and decided on a theme for my summer classroom.
This week I went over the amendments more carefully. I have a blank objectives form that is handy to list each student's objectives. Last year I also  compiled a list for each session. We have morning and afternoon sessions, the students in each one are usually very different. It is very helpful in planning how the lessons should be presented, what kind of accommodations are needed and so on.

These pics didn't come out too clear, but you  get the idea.  I noticed that my morning class can be pretty academic and that the afternoon class has more social and self help objectives. So now I'm ready to crank out those lesson plans with the theme "Camping around Alaska".
I am now going to link my very first ever "FREEBIE"!! It is also my first item in my TpT store! This is a very simple form for keeping data and is pictured above. Many teachers have all kinds of useful assessment forms out there, I have made more complex ones, but I always return to this mega simple one, so here you are. I also know that you can throw your own together easier then downloading mine, but this was a lesson for me to learn. I still have so much to learn in the blogging realm! I think that's why I like it, I am excited to be learning something new.
I am now signing off with a picture of my daughter's cat.  She is a sweet kitty, her name is Tinkerbell and she was so  happy to be rolling around on the newly made bed! I took a picture of course!
Until next time, Paula