Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Currently

May was so busy it felt like 3 months instead of just 1! Thank goodness it is over, I'm taking a little break until summer school starts. Thank you once again  Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for providing this nice template to write on! I am only beginning to understand how to use Picasso 3 and have no idea how you do these graphics, so I am grateful!

There is NOTHING worth watching on television, not sure why I keep subscribing to TV channels! My husband likes the TV on no matter what, so we are watching a movie that we've seen many times, but it is the best option.

Really looking forward to getting OUT of the house! My husband has been getting our supplies together for a camping trip, it needs to happen soon! Since the lakes just recently thawed out...none of them are warm...but that's OK!!!

Needing... enough said.

Essentials....always sunscreen, I have no tolerance for direct sunshine...burn very easily and we have a lot of daylight this time of year. My iphone  with the car charger must go with me everywhere, I need my Oregon Trial...Diamond! Kindle with all my reading materials.