Sunday, June 30, 2013

Five for Friday(Saturday!)......June 28, 2013

Whoa! It is Saturday night and I am just now getting my Friday post in! I'll be making it quick since I am feeling the need to sleep!

Here I go joining Doodle Bugs Teaching on my five for Friday! Doodles is taking July off so I don't want to miss out on this one!

1. We had another awesome week at summer school! Attendance is good and we pretended to camp in Wrangell Alaska this week. This happens to be a place I have lived, so I had lots of objects to show and tell with the students. We made a totem pole out of paper towel rolls that turned out so wonderful. I made one with Velcro, so the animals could be removed and replaced as I read the book, Totem Tale A Tall Story from Alaska by Deb Vanasse and illustrated by Erik Brooks. It is a story about a totem pole where all the animals on it come to life one night, they have a grand time, at dawn they begin to climb back on the pole but cannot remember how they were sequenced. They are reminded that they tell a story and so figure it out as the sun rises.

The students loved it! and did a very good job with their own totem poles.
Alaska has many fine children's book authors, I love all of them, but this one is especially inspiring! By the way I googled the animals and printed out free clipart to make the totem animals.
2. I finally purchased a tablet! I have been playing with it for a couple of days and although I opted for a very inexpensive one, I am not one bit disappointed, it does everything I wanted it to do.
3. I also purchased my plane ticket for Oklahoma! Wooooo! I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends. I miss them soooooo much.
4. In school we had an awesome graphing activity using paper fish with paper clips and a fishing pole with a magnet! First, we took turns fishing for one fish at a time, it went pretty quick, so the wait time was minimal, after catching the fish, they told me what color their fish was (loud enough for me to hear and understand them).....

Second, they placed their fish on the graph......

and last, I had them read the questions and answer them.
annnnnd..... when we had a few extra minutes...we did more fishing just for fun!
5. My last random thought will be grandchildren of course! My husband put together what my daughter fondly described as a "redneck slip and slide" for the kids to play on. We have actually had some really warm days lately! The kids had a blast and so did grandpa!

They managed to find a muddy spot. (big surprise)
So there is my five! I still have so much to share with you that we are doing at summer school!